Home Audio, Video and Security Systems, Home Media InnovationsStructured wiring is a term used to describe the techniques used to wire office and home media centers, lighting, security systems, and other data management that will ensure your home always stays up to date of the latest advancements. Our knowledgeable staff will use structured wiring solutions to bring all the technology in your home or office together in a way that is unassuming and always ready for any future updates.

Hosting game night or office parties will never be easier because you can set and change channels on every television throughout your home and establishment – all while never having to leave the couch or your immediate surroundings. Keeping an eye on your home security, saving resources and money through temperature and blind control, and even brining music and entertainment to any room with your smartphone or computer has never been easier. Home Media Innovations was founded so that upper midwest businesses residents can revel in the convenient and thrilling products offered in the area of automation technology.

Structured wiring is the backbone of home control and automation. It is a flexible and completely customizable technology so that every customer or client can blend their wants and needs together. For example, a lot of homeowners and business owners struggle with all the accessories and gadgets that go along with entertainment. Losing remote controls, DVD’s, and crossed cable wires and signals can all be frustrating and tiresome. Structured wiring is a way to bring all your electronics to a central and hidden location. Televisions, Wi-Fi, and cable are all combined within one system so that everything can be continuously used and changed without interruption. Within this process, visible wires and electronic frustrations are a thing of the past.

Let Home Media Innovations bring the convenience of structured wiring to your doorstep. Call us in Wisconsin at 715.377.0606 or in Minnesota at 651.433.6228 to get started.

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